Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today I am Struggling

Today I am struggling.  I always have pain (car accident in youth, broken bones etc.) but somehow, today, it seems harder to cope with it.  I know this is a temporary sojourn here on this earth, and that, when we move on, pain will be a thing of the past - physical, anyway.  But I have to say, it is hard to deal with down here, even with that knowledge.

Oh, what we take for granted, especially when we are young.  We don't even consider our bodies as wonderous things - they are just us - we are in it and we abuse it until we get some sense into our heads.

As they say, old age is not for sissies.  True.  Some people say that it is better than the alternative - although I don't agree with that.  But what I don't want to do, is leave my loved ones.  I am not ready for that, pain or no pain.

You name it, I have tried it.  Some things help, most things don't.  Usually I can overcome the up-swirl of pain and I know I will do so this time, but boy, it (insert your own word here!)

What a miserable old blogger I am today.  Sorry about that.  But it helps to know that someone, somewhere, maybe, is reading this and knows what I mean.  Maybe nodding their head with understanding.

And, my darling daughters, if you read this, don't panic.  This is just an old crow cawing.


  1. Mum I'm so sorry you are feeling pain more so today than 'normal.' I know how you struggle with it everyday, but don't LET it rule your day. I wish I could take all that pain away for you. I admire that you keep on keeping on, despite all the aches. You are an example to anyone suffering chronic pain...I love you!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and reminding us not to take things for granted and to respect the bodies we were given. I hope your pain gets better and thank you for sharing your story.