Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who feels anxious? Or - Who doesn't?

Today I read more wonderful blogs from the mind of Alisa Steady, an artist who is more than just that.  Go to her at Alisa Steady Art and read her blogs.  One of which leads me to my ramblings on the subject of worry and anxiousness.

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but I'm blogging anyway.  It helps to sort out who I really am, as if that counts for  much in this universe!  But a blog allows for things to be all about 'ME.'  I like that!  All about ME!

As a kid and a young adult, I was always worried.   WORRIED!  You name it, I worried about it.  It was with me all the time and life felt very burdensome.  It took me a long time - and I mean a long, long time - before I was able to control this.  What helped me?  Well, the old adage which we have heard over and over again about worry not helping anything.  It's true, but the words didn't mean much to me under I actually thought about them and said - Crikey - that's right!

And then, at a much more advanced age, I learned to rely on my inner help - from the universe.  It's there for all us.  Truly.  I say this without fear of being wrong.  And I am not a kooky person who burns smelly things and Ohms all over the place and invites spirits to come in for a cup of tea.  I'm an ordinary person with an extraordinary belief in the Universe and the help it offers and all the other good things that go along with that.

Anyone interested in learning more?  Having a discussion?  Telling me to shove it?

Gosh, I'd love some fish and chips right now.  Not something you'd ask the Universe for, though.  We have to keep it real here.

Sweet peace to you all, wherever you are.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why I Decided To Blog

OK.  So, to all of you who were holding your breath, awaiting my fabulous debut - here it is.  TAAA- DAAAH!!!!!

So, hello--- is anyone out there?  Why has it all gone dark?  What is that cackling sound in the far distance? 

Just Kidding, as the younger ones might say.

So my blog....Why am I finally doing this, years after savvy people have had blogs going?  Well , I suppose it's because I need to say things, get them out, get them on paper (or in the atmosphere) because it is an outlet and one that most of us don't have.  I have lost touch with many dear friends over the years, my fault, and theirs.  But the fact is, they are no longer in my life and I regret it more and more as I get older.  Why are we so frivolous when it comes to meaningful friendships when we are young.  We think we will have them in our lives for ever, and then we don't and we shrug and move on. 

I look back on my life and think,' if only I knew then what I know now.'  I would treasure my friendships more.  Back then, if I lost a friend for whatever reason, I would not mourn unduly.  There was too much to do, children to raise, new friends to make.   There were always new friends on the horizon.  The life of a busy mum always brought new people into it, and new 'soul mates' female kind.  Then there follows sweet years of togetherness and best friendsidness (made up that word), and then we all move on, emotionally and literally.

It makes me sad because, as I am now an Old Fart, it becomes harder to meet people who are compatible with me, both in outlook, interests and abilities to move from one chair to another without the aid of a walker!  And YES, I am an Old Fart and I natter and rage at the state of the world and the 'youngun's in partiklar.'  But that doesn't mean I am brain-dead, or insensitive to rude behavior directed at me, intentionally or not.

So I rage on about invisibility and being put on the back burner as far as attractiveness goes,  after the age of 39.  Anyone want to join me.  Perhaps we shall become friends, and then you will learn why I have so few!  You may run screaming into the ether, but give it a try.  Go on, I dare you.  Put away the wrinkle cream and blog, blog, blog.

Or blog off, as we say in England - only change the blog to sod.

Croakingly yours,

Old Crow

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh Croakey - still trying

Don't go away.  I'm working on this technical stuff.  As soon as I figure out which is the keyboard and which is the monitor, I'll be off and running.  Well, anyway


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Any minute now!

Any minute now I shall have a beautiful banner created by one of today's most talented artists.  She has volunteered to do this because she is kind, thoughtful and supportive of all artists.  I am so moved by this outreach of kindness by others.  If you are a writer struggling out there, please contact me.  I have a lot of experience and have helped others in the past, with, may I say with due modesty, great success.  I would love to give you some nurturing and support.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nothing to say yet - it's taken me this long to get back into this blog thingy.  I am successfully driving my computer savvy daughter nuts with all my whining.  She is thinking of moving - to Zambeesie.  Is there such a place?


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watch This Space

Watch this space for future irrelevant rantings of an Old Fart who is tired of being Invisible. You won't learn anything but you can waste some time.